Basketball is particularly popular in America as a game played between two teams. Each team is made up of five players and they both have the objective of shooting the basketball through the basketball hoop, which is placed 10 feet above the ground against a backboard. The history of basketball dates back to the 1900s when it was first played on a professional basis. In the 1960s the NBA made basketball really popular.


Basketball requires a properly surfaced court or hard surface, a basketball and two hoops – one for each team.

Basketball Basics

Key Motivation Points

Improve your game by sharpening your hand-eye co-ordination as well as reflexes and speed. If you’re naturally tall, then basketball is a good game for you to play, as you’ll have a height advantage over other players. However, there are also many professional basketball players who aren’t tall.

Lessons To Be Learned

Basketball is a team sport, which requires that each individual player plays as a part of the team, while also being individually adept. Basketball helps players learn how to make the most of the space they are playing in so that they can anticipate the moves of all players on the court.

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