Cycling is a great outdoor sport to take part in that can be enjoyed on the road with a road bike, or off-road on a mountain bike. There are also tracks that can be ridden on BMX bikes. It’s a great sport to take part in as a South African because we have such a pleasant climate, all year round.


Cyclists will need a reliable bicycle that is in top riding condition. They will also need strong, sturdy shoes (or cycling shoes for road biking) and a cycling helmet. There are also specific clothes that can be worn to improve the comfort a rider experiences while riding.

Cycling Basics

The objective of cycling is to be able to find balance on the bicycle while riding a distance, either off-road or on-road. Off-road cycling involves riding over jumps, down crevices, hills and trails. On-road cycling involves completing a certain distance in a certain timeframe, a number that can be improved upon with each ride.

Key Motivation Points

Improve your cycling prowess by trying to ride faster with every ride. If you’re an off-road rider, you can cycle more advanced trails to improve your game. If you’re an on-road rider, you can add more hills to challenge the ride.

Lessons To Be Learned

Cyclists will learn to focus on the task at hand to improve their time and fitness levels.

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