Football is the most popular sport played in the world. It’s also the biggest in terms of spectator following. People find it fun to watch as there are a number of challenges faced with each game and a high level of fitness is required.


To play football, you will need a really good pair of football boots, a ball, as well as shin guards, socks, shorts and a football jersey. The game is also played on a football field with two goals, one for each team.

Football Basics

Key Motivation Points

In order to stay motivated, you can play loads of fun drills that enhance skills. Dribbling around cones and practicing passing are good examples of drills to play. There are also loads of community or area-specific football clubs, programmes and camps that offers extra tuition for players who want to play more.

Lessons To Be Learned

Football requires that players are exceptionally fit, can run fast, pass well and also play as a member of the overarching team. Players must also be fully aware of their position and where on the field they can play.

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