Gymnastics is an old sport that requires intense dedication and motivation. It attracts gymnasts from a very young age and requires a high level of flexibility and athleticism in order to perform various moves in a number of different categories. Some of the categories are: tumbling, trampoline, acrobatic gymnastics, floor gymnastics, vault, parallel bars, high bar, balance beam, pommel horse, still rings, and rhythmic gymnastics.


There are a number of different pieces of equipment needed for the different variations in gymnastics, but each gymnast will need a comfortable leotard, hand grips, mats and wrist supports.

Gymnastics Basics

The rules for gymnastics vary according to the categories, but there are universal considerations:

Key Motivation Points

Gymnasts will find that their training is very demanding, so it helps to stay motivated by setting goals and remembering to have some fun during training sessions. By seeking out great coaches, workshops and camps you can be assured of enhancing the level of competence in gymnastics.

Lessons To Be Learned

To be a great gymnast, you need to be very disciplined mentally and physically. Proper diet is required, as well as numerous hours of training. It helps to be passionate about your chosen sport.

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