High Jump

Like the long jump, the high jump is one of the key sports in track and field and also a discipline in the decathlon and heptathlon. The high jump requires that competitors leap over a four-metre long bar without knocking it off its supports. The sport requires speed, agility and an enhanced technique.


High jumpers will need good running shoes, appropriate clothing, the full high-jump apparatus and a soft landing mat.

High Jump Basics

Key Motivation Points

To improve in high jump you can improve your level of fitness as well as speed sprints. Practice always helps, as you will find your own technique in clearing the bar.

Lessons To Be Learned

A balance of flexibility, speed and strength will help a high jumper clear the bar. Mental training will also help conquer any psychological fears the high jumper might have. Being able to dust off and try again is also important when trying to clear a new height.

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