Hockey is another team sport that can be a lot of fun. It requires team playing as well as individual sportsmanship. It’s played on a hockey field with two sets of goals for each team. The teams have 11 players each, one of which is a goalkeeper. It can be a hard-hitting game, which is why ample protection must be worn by each player.


Each player needs the correct protection in terms of shin guards and mouth guards. They also need to have a hockey stick and a hockey ball is used between all players.

Hockey Basics

Key Motivation Points

Various school programmes exist where hockey players can brush up on their skills. There are also local workshops, camps and extra lessons where players can learn to sharpen their skills in dribbling, manoeuvring of the ball and improving fitness.

Lessons To Be Learned

Hockey is an excellent lesson in team playing as well as individual sportsmanship. It also teaches children great hand-eye co-ordination.

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