Long Jump

Long jump is a test of athleticism in the track and field events. There are two sections involved in the long jump – the standard long jump and the triple jump. The objective is to jump as far as possible using sheer speed and agility. The triple jump is the same as the long jump but with a hop and skip prior to take off.


Long jumpers require a proper long jump sand pit to jump into as well as running shoes and appropriate sportswear.

Long Jump Basics

Key Motivation Points

One of the main components of the long jump is a strong sprint. The runner’s stride should be developed in order to increase the velocity and the speed at which the long jumper approaches the take off point. Improving fitness and running speed will ultimately improve the distance an athlete can jump.

Lessons To Be Learned

In order to succeed as a long jumper, an athlete should have plenty of dedication towards maintaining a high level of fitness.

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