Netball is a team sport played on a netball court with two teams of seven players each. The court has two goalposts with hoops on either side of the court. Each team will try and score as many goals as they can by shooting the netball into the hoop.


The netball court and netball posts with hoops are required for scoring, as is the netball. Teams will need sport’s shoes and netball clothing.

Netball Basics

Key Motivation Points

Players can improve on their game by maintaining a high level of fitness. Quick movement is required so working on drills that enhance passing, speed and agility will help players improve their game. Workshops, camps and school programmes can also focus on enhancing a player’s ability.

Lessons To Be Learned

Netball teaches players to work as a team to score as many goals as possible. It also teaches players to work quickly, while always having a clear view of where players are on the court.

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