Rugby is a popular sport, particularly with schools in South Africa. It’s a contact team sport played with two teams of 15 players each and an oval shaped rugby ball. The game involves players aiming to gain as many points as they can through scoring tries, conversions and penalties. Players must try and avoid being tackled by the opposition when trying to score their points.


Each rugby player needs a sturdy set of rugby boots, as well as their rugby kit. Mouth guards can be worn too.

Rugby Basics

Key Motivation Points

Players need to be ready for full contact if they choose to play rugby. There is a likelihood of getting hurt when being tackled, so players need to be physically and mentally fit to handle this. Physical fitness can be enhanced with training in speed and strength.

Lessons To Be Learned

Rugby teaches players to roll with anything that they are faced with in order to succeed. It’s a great team sport that also encourages individuals to work with their counterparts to reach a certain goal.

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