Running is the foundation of most sports and it is also the easiest sport to take up on your own. All you need is a level of determination and a good pair of running shoes to get you going. Running can take place anywhere from on a treadmill to down the street or along a country road. There are a number of organised events that feature running in different categories, so there are loads of ways to enhance your skill.


Running only really requires a good pair of running shoes and comfortable, light running clothing. If running outdoors, a hat and sunblock are good to have too.

Running Basics

Key Motivation Points

In order to train more effectively, it is suggested that runners alter their running styles from time to time to accommodate different requirements from their bodies. So running sprints one day followed by long distance the next. Tracking performance is a good way to stay motivated as a runner as you’ll always want to maintain good time or even improve upon it.

Lessons To Be Learned

Running is for the individual and it’s a great way to strengthen the mind and body. A great level of self-discipline and determination is required to pursue running as a sport and it also requires optimal physical fitness.

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