Shot Put

The shot put is a track and field event that involves throwing a very heavy ball – the put – as far as one can. The throw cannot be underarm but is rather done in a pushing motion from the shoulder. The throw is made from a circular area of the field that is 2.135m in diameter. The athlete cannot leave the circle until after the throw is complete.


A decent pair of sports trainers and a shot put ball.

Shot Put Basics

Key Motivation Points

Shot put is an individual sport that requires great agility and upper body strength. There are specific techniques that the athlete can apply before throwing the ball, such as either a straightforward throw or going into a spin before making the shot. Weight training and sports conditioning will help the athlete become more adept at shot put.

Lessons To Be Learned

Athletes have to learn to be calm, patient and focused in order to make the best of their throw. It’s a great way to help people channel their energy into one focused event.

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