Squash is an individual sport that can also be played in double teams. It is generally played with two players against one another. The game is played on an indoor, four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball that has little bounce. The ball has to be hit very hard in order to make it ricochet off one of the walls. The objective is to keep it in play while also trying to hit it in such a way that your opponent cannot return play.


Indoor court shoes are required for squash, as is a squash racquet and comfortable clothing. Different balls offer different speeds; yellow is very slow, green or white are slow, red is medium and blue is fast.

Squash Basics

Key Motivation Points

A squash player needs to be fast, agile and have exceptionally sharp reflexes. Players should try and develop their own set of tactics to outwit their opponents and should also make sure they maintain a high level of fitness in order to outlast their opponent too.

Lessons To Be Learned

Squash teaches players to be fast on their feet while also being quick-witted and strategic. It also teaches you to watch your opponent’s moves in order to determine your own – valuable lessons learned in high-pressure situations.

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