Swimming is an all-over body workout that is as enjoyable as it can be competitive. It’s a low-impact sport that is good for people who experience joint problems or pain. The only requirement is access to swimming pools, of which there are loads in most schools across South Africa, as well as in gyms and recreational centres.


Swimmers need an appropriate swimming costume, a swimming cap and goggles.

Swimming Basics

Key Motivation Points

Swimming training can be done at home, in the gym, at school or in any pool, but is often limited to summer unless it is indoors or heated. Swimmers can improve upon their swimming by training all muscles of the body with sports conditioning. Doing time trials will help swimmers enhance their best time with faster laps.

Lessons To Be Learned

Swimming is another sport that requires self-discipline and dedication. When you’re in the swimming pool you need to be able to push yourself as fast and as far as possible, without wanting to give up. This is a great test in mental strength.

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