Taekwando originated in Korea and is a well-known and loved martial art that can be used as a form of effective exercise. It involves being highly agile, fit, quick-witted and disciplined in order to excel. Moves within Taekwando include punches, strikes, kicks and blows. There are a number of different levels of Taekwando, ensuring that the martial artist is always challenged to try harder to achieve.


Most martial artists only require the applicable uniform.

Taekwando Basics

Key Motivation Points

The best way to learn any martial art is under the guidance of an experienced teacher. There are a number of classes in suburban areas where anyone can learn the art of Taekwando. The discipline that comes with learning such a martial art can be applied to every aspect of a person’s life, as it’s a great way to focus the mind.

Lessons To Be Learned

Patience, self-discipline and restraint are great characteristics instilled in those who learn the art of Taekwando.

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